Developer-first workflow automation

Build Duralble Workflows with a Few Lines of Code

Developer first, open source, workflow automation platform where you code the business logic and autokitteh takes care of the rest: API integration, scalability, reliability, durability, easy deployment, and monitoring.

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How autokitteh helps you

You write the business logic,
we take care of all the rest

Developing reliable workflows is much more than just coding the business logic. autokitteh saves you tons of time by providing everything you need out-of-the-box to develop, execute and monitor durable and reliable automations and APIs integrations.


Code workflow logic


Managed API integrations

Reliability and durability

Lossless and recovery

Versioning and deployments

Management and Monitoring


Create robust automation in 4 easy steps

ADD Connections

ADD variables


Upload code assets


Manage and Monitor workflows


Upload Code


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Why developers love autokitteh

Flexibility & versatility
Unlike no-code platforms, write code as needed to support arbitrary complexity without limitations and with full control

Build reliable and durable workflow
No need for queues and state management, it’s all managed under the hood. Seamless recovery from server downtime and minimal overhead for long running workflows.

Cloud and on-prem
autokitteh can be easily installed on-prem or use managed our cloud service. It can even be installed on your PC.

Manage and monitor
Manage and monitor workflows with ease. Alert on automations errors, and get logs for recovery and analysis

Testing and fast deployment
Code workflow business logic in minutes using the programming language of your choice

Open Source
Have full control over the code, add integrations and adjust to your needs. Apache2 license

Join the Beta Testing Program
Ping us with your use cases and we will enable them for you.

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